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Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California
October 17-22, 2006


SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (Sunday, October 22, 2006) – Toby Martin (Sydney, Aus.) won the O’Neill Cold Water Classic presented by Jeep today in pumping overhead surf at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California.

Martin, who is currently ranked 43rd on the prestigious Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour, had been in sizzling form all event utilizing his experience amongst the world’s best to claim the victory at his first ever Cold Water Classic campaign.

“I’m wrapped right now with this win,” Martin said. “In all the years I’ve been competing, I’ve never had the time to come up here and do the event. Santa Cruz is such a legendary place and the Cold Water Classic is so prestigious that I had to come up here this year because I finally had the time.”

Martin, who hails from the pointbreak-ridden Dee Why region of Sydney, held on to a slender lead throughout the heat despite the onslaught from opponents Nathaniel Curran (Ventura, Calif.), Jesse Merle-Jones (Sunset, Haw.) and Josh Loya (Santa Cruz, Calif.).

“I grew up on a wave that is very similar to Steamer’s,” Martin said. “I feel really comfortable out there. I knew the conditions were deteriorating so I just tried to get some scores under my belt. It’s so great to have such amazing local support from the Santa Cruz crew up here. It’s been a phenomenal week.”

Josh Loya (Santa Cruz, Calif.) was the sole local competing in the finals. Gaining entry into the event through the O’Neill Trials, Loya surfed a substantial amount of heats more than his opponents and was fatigued in the final.

“I would have loved a win out here – I mean, I really really would have loved a win out here,” Loya said. “Unfortunately, I surfed a few more heats than everyone else and ran out of steam out there. A win would have been nice, but it’s still cool to make the final. I really appreciate all the local support all week long.”

Tim Reyes (Huntington Beach, Calif.), current No. 11 on the Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour, suffered a horrific wipeout in his semifinal heat. Following the execution of a lengthy floater, Reyes impacted awkwardly upon landing straining his back knee. The injury forced the competitor to exit the water where he was taken to the local hospital.

“He’s getting x-rays but it’s more than likely a re-injury,” event director Darren Brillhart said. “He said that it didn’t feel torn, but probably a hyper-extension again. It’s a terrible shame and we hope he recovers quickly.”

Nathan Yeomans (San Clemente, Calif.) clinched the Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series presented by Jeep title today with Nathaniel Curran (Ventura, Calif.) coming in a close second. Yeomans who has surfed consistently well in the three Trifecta events (the Body Glove Surfbout presented by Adio at Lowers, the Newport Beach Pro and the O’Neill Cold Water Classic presented by Jeep) held on to the ratings lead today despite a last-minute charge by Curran.

“I was so nervous watching the final that I couldn’t even be here – I was watching it at home online,” Yeomans said. “I’m really ecstatic that I won – I thought I’d clinched it yesterday and I was really bummed when I found out that I didn’t. Today was a nail-biter, but I’m psyched that Macy’s put up the money for these three events and it’s a reflection on the guys who surf all year.”

The 2006 ASP North America season has come to a close, but be sure to follow our surfers as they compete in Brazil and Hawaii in the coming weeks for opportunities to qualify for the elite ASP World Tour in 2007. Follow both the qualifiers and the elite level surfers at www.aspworldtour.com.

For further information, log onto www.aspnorthamerica.org.


Quarterfinals O’Neill Cold Water Classic: 16 surfers remaining (1st and 2nd advance)
Quarterfinal 1: Tim Reyes (USA) 15.63, Nathaniel Curran (USA) 14.04, Nathan Yeomans (USA) 11.33, Roy Powers (HAW) 9.27
Quarterfinal 2: Josh Loya (USA) 13.76, Ian Walsh (HAW) 13.20, Cory Lopez (USA) 10.80, Ryan Helm (USA) 5.67
Quarterfinal 3: Jesse Merle-Jones (HAW) 11.67, Toby Martin (AUS) 9.70, Dusty Payne (HAW) 7.73, Ben Bourgeois (USA) 4.80
Quarterfinal 4: Josh Mulcoy (USA) 12.67, Luke Munro (AUS) 12.63, Mike Losness (USA) 10.34, Jay Thompson (AUS) 6.54

Semifinals O’Neill Cold Water Classic: 8 surfers remaining (1st and 2nd advance)
Semifinal 1: Josh Loya (USA) 11.90, Nathaniel Curran (USA) 8.43, Tim Reyes (USA) 8.00, Ian Walsh (HAW) 6.83
Semifinal 2: Jesse Merle-Jones (HAW) 12.60, Toby Martin (AUS) 12.50, Luke Munro (AUS) 8.50, Josh Mulcoy (USA) 7.13

Final O’Neill Cold Water Classic
1 – Toby Martin (AUS) 11.73
2 – Nathaniel Curran (USA) 11.60
3 – Jesse Merle-Jones (HAW) 9.93
4 – Josh Loya (USA) 8.16


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