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Day 3 Completed at the Maui and Sons Arica World Star Tour in Chile :: Pro Surfing News

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EL GRINGO, Arica / Chile (Friday, Jun, 15, 2012) - With a small decrease in swell, Friday’s competition witnessed waves in the 3-5 foot range (1-1.5 meters) that were breaking even closer to the menacing reef break at El Gringo for the 2012 ASP 3-Star Maui and Sons Arica World Star Tour event. The Finals will be decided this Sunday where the event winner will take home U$8,000 in prize money and 750 points going towards their ASP World Ranking in addition to the 2012 ASP South America Surf Series.

In what was the most anticipated heat of the day, local surfers and last year’s event finalists Camilo Hernandez (CHL) and Guillermo Satt (CHL) faced off against each other in addition to former ASP World Tour veterans, Paulo Moura (BRA) and Victor Ribas (BRA) in Heat 6 of the Round of 32. As conditions deteriorated, wave selection was crucial in deciding the outcome.

Hernandez started off by scoring a 5.75 (out of a possible 10), but quickly followed with a long barrel-ride which scored an 8.5 for a heat wave total of 14.25 (out of 20) that practically guaranteed his victory.

?No hard feelings between myself and Guillermito (Guillermo Satt),? said Camilo Hernandez. ?We’re good friends and it was an incredible experience to have that Final with him here last year. It’s a shame that I got injured in the Semi-finals, so I couldn’t give it my best against him. But this year I feel really healthy, I’ve got great boards and I’m focused on winning the event this year.?

Although surfing since the age of 14 on the barreling waves over the sharp reef at El Gringo, Guillermo Satt’s experience in the line-up wasn’t enough to hold back Paulo Moura from qualifying in second place. Moura scored a 7.0 and a 4.90 on his best rides over Satt’s 10.50 two-wave total. Victor Ribas was called on an interference and was eliminated in fourth place.

?I’m so stoked to have qualified in that heat,? said Moura. ?It’s even more special being able to win over the ‘local hero’ (Satt) in Arica. This is my first time here at El Gringo and I’m really enjoying this wave, even though I consider it to be one of the most dangerous that I’ve ever surfed. You end the wave completely over the rocks.?

Anthony Walsh (AUS), currently residing in Hawaiian, continued his dominance in cold barrels at the Maui and Sons Arica World Star Tour by qualifying into the Round of 16 together with Sebastian Correa (PER) and defeating Renato Aguirre (PER) and Francisco Bellorin (VEN).

The contest continues tomorrow (Saturday) at 8am (local time) with the last heat of the Round of 32. Hitting the water will be Angelo Lozano (MEX), Cristian Merello (CHL), Dennis Tihara (BRA) and Cristiano Correa (BRA).

LIVE webcast at http://www.aspsouthamerica.com.br/

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