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CLOUDBREAK, Tavarua/Fiji (Thursday, June 7, 2012) ? Let?s be honest, the fact that Joel Parkinson (AUS) , 31, is the current frontrunner on the ASP WCT is no secret. The current leader of the ASP Top 34 has been flooded with media after securing the No. 1 spot post Rio, answering question after question regarding the hunt for his inaugural crown. While the a media frenzy surrounding a top ASP World Title contender can often have a rattling effect, Parkinson remained poised for his Round 1 heat at the Volcom Fiji Pro, taking a convincing victory to open his campaign. While the Round 1 victors have seen several lay days, a bombing swell is expected to light up Cloudbreak and Restaurants as early as tomorrow. Parko recently talked about his time in Fiji and his excitement and expectations for the coming swell. This? is his story?

So you found a couple in your round one heat.
Yeah, found a couple out there and settled into a groove. I seemed to enjoy myself. It was good. Finding them was tough though, there were a lot of wash-throughs and trying to find the good ones in between them was a bit of cat and mouse, trying to find the medium ones. But I was lucky that the back half of my heat settled down a bit and some really good waves came through. Isei [Tokovu, Fijian wildcard] got one and another one went unridden.

You?ve seen Isei surf a bit over the years, his surfing seems to have really come on?
He was ripping in both his heats. It was great to see. He charged. He knows how to charge and knows how to get in the right spot out there. His surfing has come along beautifully. I didn?t see his wave against Kelly, but Kelly said it was a bomb and would have been a 10, it just ran off too quick.

What are you hearing about the swell coming?
I think there?s a few waves coming. It?s massive at home. I don?t know how big it?s going to be but the only thing that worries me is the wind, we haven?t really had any tradewinds since we?ve been here. Light and variables could mean light offshore and could mean a bit of onshore too. There?s nothing worse than perfect swell with a light onshore.

Would you rather surf 12-foot Cloudbreak or six-foot Restaurants?
Geez, that?s tough…

For the full Parko interview log on to www.joelparko.com

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Watch Parkinson compete in the Volcom Fiji Pro when competition resumes.

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