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COOLANGATTA, New South Wales/ AUS (Wednesday, July 18, 2012) ? With a change in scheduling for the 2012 ASP WCT season, the world?s best surfers have a two month break between the Volcom Fiji Pro and the Billabong Pro Tahiti. So, what is one to do with so much free time? ASP Top 10 surfer Owen Wright (AUS), 22, decided to go see some sights in the States and surf his face off in Bali before he gets back to work at the upcoming Nike US Open of Surfing. Australia?s Surfing Life (ASL) Magazine caught up with the lanky goofy footer to see how he?s been enjoying himself. This.. is their story?

G?day, Owen. How?s things? Been getting up to much since Fiji?
Yeah I?ve kept myself busy and have had a few big trips planned. Right now I?m with my shaper Parrish Byrne and some close mates in Bali. But late last month I jetted to LA for some down time. All the years that I?ve travelled to LA I seemed to just focus on competing ? and so I?ve missed out on seeing the sites and attractions that LA has to offer. With free time between events this year I thought it was a good opportunity to go and see what fun things lie inland from the coast.

Well you made it through The Valley and found Six Flags. But it didn?t look like you had much fun?
?Oh, that?s funny, you saw that shot? I look like I have a Mohawk!
Haha. In fact, the ride is probably worse than how it looks in the photo. Yeah, it was scary all right. The ride is called the X2. It puts your body in positions its not supposed to go in, and at warp speeds as well. Oh it was heavy, but so fun at the same time!

For the full interview with Owen log on to Australia?s Surfing Life Magazine.

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