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SYDNEY, New South Wales/Australia (Monday, June 25, 2012) ? Josh Kerr (AUS), 28, has become a trend setter in surfing. Both his style in and out of the water are original and the fan favorite?s actions rarely go unnoticed. Recently, STAB Magazine caught up with the natural-footer to get his thoughts on everything from his favorite waves to his favorite trunks. This? is their story?

Wavepark: Pitstops, Lakey Peak, Macaroni?s or Keramas. Just ?cause you?ve got time to set up for your manoeuvre and you know where the section?s coming so it gives you time to prepare and gives you time to think through what you?re gonna try. It?s better for tech stuff to surf something more mechanical like a reef rather than a beachie.

Barrel spot: Shipsterns and Pipe or Tahiti. At Pipe, I?ve had my best ones during freesurfs. I never get through a heat there so I don?t get to surf it much during a contest (laughs). At Shipsterns, once you get over the ledge, it?s such an enjoyable barrel. That?s what I always tell everyone. No one really knows how enjoyable that wave is. I think it looks more intimidating in photos because of what?s going on behind you. You just gotta get over the ledge, pull up, put your hands above your head and have a hell time.

Grab: It varies but, if I?m doing a straight air it?s still just a big frontside grab. You have more control and you can really huck it higher. For an air-reverse, I?ve been frothing on stalefishes. I still do frontside grab air-revs during freesurfs, but definitely a lot less than I would have before. When you?re freesurfing, you wanna push yourself to do grabs that you wouldn?t usually do. You wanna get consistent at those grabs so you can bring them into the contest. The judges do recognise the difference in difficulty of certain grabs, but it?s more the section you?re doing the air off, the height of it and difficulty of landing. They don?t really care that much what grab it is. Obviously, after seeing Kelly?s 10 at Bells, you don?t have to grab to get a 10 so long as it?s real lofty.

For the full interview with Josh Kerr log on to STAB Magazine.

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