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Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31, is a threat at any location on the planet. Is 2012 the year that he ascends the ASP throne?

Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31, is a threat at any location on the planet. Is 2012 the year that he ascends the ASP throne?

SYDNEY, New South Wales/Australia (Wednesday, May 23, 2012) – Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31, is the man of the moment. Current ASP World No. 1 after the opening events of the year. However, this is familiar territory for the four-time ASP World Runner-Up. He knows what it is to lead and he knows what it is to relinquish that lead. Believed by many to be the most stylish surfer on the planet, Parkinson smashed his way onto the world stage by winning the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay in 1999 at 18 years young as a wildcard. Since then, Parko has been rightly considered a contender for the ASP World Title…but it hasn’t happened yet. Wary of overconfidence so early in the season, Joel still managed to drop some insights for Stab Magazine. This…is their story…

Stab: You?ve been here before.
Joel Parkinson: It?s not the first time I?ve been in this situation (laughs).

What?s going through your head?
The same shit that always go through my head. It?s no different. I?m not even thinking about it. Someone was congratulating me today and I thought he was congratulating me on coming second (in Brazil), and she said I thought I was second and Mon said, you?re at number one, you idiot!

Wait…so, you didn?t even know you were number one on the ratings?
Yeah. It was too early (in the year) to even bother (looking). I was like, ?oh.?

What are you going to do differently or the same to previous years?
I?ve just been enjoying my surfing. Just liking it, liking competing, just surfing.

It seems the judges still have a heavy appreciation of combinations and flow. That has resonated well for you so far.

Yeah, for sure. I feel like guys do big airs but, I don?t know, there hasn?t been many good waves on tour for it yet (for real flow).

Do you still love the tour?
I do. If I?m gonna do it, I wanna enjoy it. To me, it doesn?t matter what happens in the lead-up, you don?t…

For full interview, check out STAB Magazine’s ‘The Last Unicorn’


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