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Wayne Rich x Surftech Singularity Diamond Tail

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Singularity Diamond TailAn eruption of unparalleled creativity. The Singularity is a nod to an era of breakthrough wave riding and soul-shaping from decades past. The design came to Wayne as a young surfer in the South Bay. Inspired by the boards he was riding from Dan Bendicksen, Mike Geib, Redeman, and Phil Becker, Wayne began experimenting with his own single fins, and fluted tail boards. There was a soul and feel to the boards that Wayne and other riders loved. Over the years, Wayne and the Singularity were heavily influenced by Dick Brewer, Reno Abellira, Owl Chapman, Gerry Lopez, and Michael Peterson. Building and riding these boards for years allowed for a natural evolution and the incorporation of the best design elements from over 4 decades. The Singularities of today are wide point forward, low rocker speedsters. Available in a Twin, Quad, and 21, each fin setup and tail combo pays homage to a particular time in Wayne's shaping and wave riding career. Now available in Surftech's Carbon construction for added performance and a whole new feel.Fin SystemFutures

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