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Boost Mobile Pro Trestles 2008BOOST MOBILE PRO TRESTLES 2008

wct eVENT #7
September 7-14, 2008
Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California, USA

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BOOST MOBILE PRO Trestles 2008 Surf Contest Headlines

Kelly Slater Wins The 2008 Boost Mobile Pro Trestles In An Exciting Final Against Taj Burrow

Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008: Kelly Slater wins the 2008 Boost Mobile Pro of Surfing over Taj Burrow in one of the most exciting 40 minute heats in Pro Surfing history.

The waves were good and the surfing was phenomenal. Taj took the early lead posting a 9.00 and a 9.63 in the first ten minutes putting Kelly in a combination of two scores situation. With priority, Taj was holding Kelly off any of the big sets which enabled Kelly to take off on a few medium size waves and absolutley destroy them. He was able to score a 9.70 and a then a 9.27 with less than one minute left in the heat to take the lead and the win. Stay tuned for the complete story and highlight video.

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Kelly Slater Wins The 2008 Boost Mobile Pro Presented By Hurley at Lower Tresltes

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Kelly Slater (USA), Taj Burrows (AUS)

Semi Final 1: Bede Durbidge (AUS) 15.10, Kelly Slater (USA) 15.67
Semi Final 2: Jeremy Flores (FRA) 16.50, Taj Burrows (AUS) 17.33

Quarter 1: Bede Durbidge (AUS) 16.90, Dane Reynolds (USA) 14.10
Quarter 2: Bobby Martinez (USA) 15.16, Kelly Slater (USA) 17.16
Quarter 3: Mick Fanning (AUS) 15.67, Jeremy Flores (FRA) 17.57
Quarter 4: Taj Burrows (AUS) 18.50, Heitor Alves (BRA) 6.34

Boost Mobile Pro 2008 Lower Trestles Photo Gallery

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Boost Mobile Pro Lower Trestles 2008 Top Ten Waves!

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Kelly Slater Posts Perfect Ten to Top Off Amazing Day of Action at the Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Tresltes

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008: The standard of surfing at the Boost Mobile Pro pres. by Hurley was nothing short of electrifying today, but per usual, it was eight-time ASP World Champion and ratings leader Kelly Slater (USA) who stole the show. More Boost Mobile Pro Day 4 Action on Pro Surfing .com

Good Waves and Big Airs on Day 3 of the Boost Mobile Pro pres. by Hurley

Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008: The world’s best surfers took to the skies at the Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Trestles today. World No. 2 Joel Parkinson (AUS) and ASP World Tour rookies Dane Reynolds (USA) and Jordy Smith (ZAF) are one step closer to vying for a Boost Mobile Pro title courtesy of the airs they boosted today.

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Boost Mobile Pro pres. by Hurley Delivers on Opening Day

Monday, Sept. 8, 2008: The world’s best surfers were treated to perfect conditions at the Boost Mobile Pro presented by Hurley today. All of Round 1 and the first two heats of Round 2 were run in consistent three to five foot waves at Lower Trestles.

Having the opportunity to score another surf in today’s excellent conditions was not lost on ASP World No. 3 Bede Durbidge (AUS) and World No.4 Taj Burrow (AUS). Both surfers came up short in Round 1, but bounced back in Round 2 beating former ASP World Tour competitors Shane Beschen (USA) and Rob Machado (USA) respectively to avoid an untimely exit from the event.

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Boost Mobile Pro pres. by Hurley Off Today; Swell Forecast Looks Great

Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008: The waiting period for the Boost Mobile Pro presented by Hurley started today, but event officials have opted not to run Round 1 at Lower Trestles this morning. The waiting period for the seventh of 11 events on the 2008 ASP World Tour stretches from Sept. 7-13, 2008. More Boost Mobile Pro Trestles Day 1 on Pro Surfing .com

Dane Reynolds To Surf In His Fifth Boost Mobile Pro Trestles Event

Friday, Sept. 5, 2008: Despite being a rookie on the ASP World Tour, Dane Reynolds (USA), 22, will paddle out for his fifth installment of the Boost Mobile Pro presented by Hurley this week. The event waiting period begins this Sunday, Sept. 7 and stretches until Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008.

Dane Reynolds, who hails from Ventura, California, was granted wildcard entry into the Lower Trestles event in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007 and will face Jeremy Flores (FRA), 20, and Heitor Alves (BRA), 26, in his first USA appearance since joining the elite ASP Top 45.

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Kelly Slater Looking Forward to The Boost Mobile Pro At Lower Trestels

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2008: The upcoming Boost Mobile Pro presented by Hurley may be the closest thing eight-time ASP World Champion and ratings leader Kelly Slater (USA) has to a home court advantage on the ASP World Tour.

Held at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California from September 7-13, 2008, the seventh of 11 events on this year’s ASP World Tour is the only elite tour stop in the continental U.S.A. – Slater hails from Florida.

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Boost Mobile Pro Wildcards and Pre Event Info

Wildcards Are Here! Rob Machado, Brett Simpson and Yadin Nicol Join the Tour...

Aug 12, 2008: Boost Mobile and Hurley today announced the final competition roster including the names of the three wildcard contestants invited to compete at the 2008 Boost Mobile Pro of Surf presented by Hurley the next stop on the ASP World Championship Tour and the only tour event held on the U.S. Mainland. Bolstering an already stacked field of surfers competing in this year's Boost Mobile Pro, wildcard highlights include former ASP World No. 2 Rob Machado (USA), Brett Simpson (USA) and Yadin Nicol (AUS). With last year's BMP wildcards going on to qualify for the WCT (Dane Reynolds & Jordy Smith), both Brett Simpson (7th in the WQS & rookie of year) & Yadin Nicol (one of the most photographed surfers of the past year) are hoping to follow this lead which adds to the excitement of this year's wildcard draw. More Boost Mobile Pro Wildcards and Pre Event Info On Pro Surfing .com

Boost Mobile Pro 2007 Final: Kelly Slater vs. Poncho Sullivan

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COORDINATES: 33°38’ N, 117°59’ W

BAGGAGE CLAIM: John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA) or Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles (LAX)

TRANSPORTATION: Rental car. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the 405 freeway as you make the trek down to San Clemente. Once in San Clemente, you’ll want to drive down to the event site, but taxis are more than available when sampling the downtown nightlife.

ATTITUDE: Generally laid back, though the locals have yet to embrace that whole "sharing is caring" mentality – but who can blame them? If the best break in mainland USA was in your backyard, you’d probably get a little possessive too!

THE WAVE: This high-performance pointbreak peels across a rocky coastline and can pump up to 150 metres down the point when a south or southwest swell shows up. The left is a quicker, hollower, punchier wave, while the right is a longer, more even-paced beauty ready to be released upon with aggressive and unforgiving gusto. Both boast the ability to make even an average surfer appear gifted.

PERKS: This wave is consistent – Trestles has been known to break when the rest of SoCal is dead flat. And lest we forget, this little stretch of sand that spans the North County and Orange County border is likely to be the only place within a 200 kilometre radius where it’ll take you more than 10-minutes to walk to a Starbucks or Vietnamese nail salon - which means you’re more likely to get attacked by a bobcat than an over-caffeinated chick with long fingernails.

PERILS: It’s best to grow to love the 20-to-30 minute trek – you have to undertake between parking and paddling out – as the plans to install a 1.5 kilometre walking carpet from the Carl’s Jr. parking lot to the surf aren’t looking promising. Oh, and terrorists steer clear, the US Marines have you surrounded. Trestles sits smack in the middle of Camp Pendleton – one of the Yank’s largest military bases.

APRES SURF: Pick your poison; you’re mere miles away from San Clemente, home of the fabled San Clemente Crawl: aka a Bermuda Triangle of dive bars, and smack between Mexico and Hollywood. Orange County splays north and there’s always San Diego to the south – translation, if you strike out at one bar, there’s approximately 11,964 others at your disposal.

ASP WORLD TOUR HISTORY: Trestles, the only men’s ASP World Tour event on mainland USA, made its debut in 2000 as the Billabong Pro won by Andy Irons. Boost Mobile came on board in 2002, and has sponsored the mid-season men’s event ever since. The 2006 BMP of Surf will be the cell phone company’s fifth foray as headlining sponsor… Hurley is the presenting sponsor of the Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles.

NOTABLE: Kelly Slater shattered Tom Curren’s record 33 career event wins in 2007 with his victory at the Boost Mobile Pro, netting the eight-time ASP World Champ 34 career victories.

2007: Kelly Slater (USA)
2006: Bede Durbidge (AUS)
2005: Kelly Slater (USA)
2004: Joel Parkinson (AUS)
2003: Richie Lovett (AUS)
2002: Luke Egan (AUS)
2001: Not held
2000: Andy Irons (HAW)

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