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Monica Guo (CHN) and Darci Liu (CHN), thrilled to be awarded wildcards into the SWATCH Girls Pro China 2012 and to have a chance to compete for the ASP Women’s World Longboard Title.

COOLANGATTA, QLD/Australia (Thursday, November 15, 2012) – In the coming weeks Hainan Island, China will play host to the crowning of both the Men’s and Women’s 2012 ASP World Longboard Champions. Two back-to-back events will see the world’s best longboarders head to the far East starting with the SWATCH Girls Pro China 2012 hosted by Wanning from Nov 21 – 25, followed by the 2012 CITIC PACIFIC Shenzhou Peninsula Pro hosted by Wanning from Nov 27 – Dec 1.

Darci Liu (CHN) was the first ever Chinese national to enter an ASP event after she was awarded a wildcard into last year’s SWATCH Girls Pro China. She has since opened her own surf shop and promotes surfing lessons to local beachgoers and is returning as a wildcard in 2012.

“I learned so much from the girls last year,” Liu said, “I was really inspired by their performance. Since then I’ve competed in local events on the island and taught over a hundred people to surf, our scene is growing every day. I feel really honoured to be awarded the wildcard, I want to represent my country and show the world that China is a great place to surf.”

Chen Dongming (CHN) was awarded a wildcard into the CITIC PACIFIC Shenzhou Peninsula Pro after taking out the local surfing competition the Surfing Hainan Open. Zhuang is a Chinese Taipei born, Japanese raised surfer who has an array of Asian surfing titles to his name and couldn’t be happier to test himself against the world’s best longboarders.

“I’ve been coming to surf at the Surfing Hainan Open for the last two years,” Dongming said. “I am very happy to have won the wildcard to compete this year for the ASP Men’s Longboard Title. I feel it is a big step for surfing in China and Asia.”

SWATCH Girls Pro China 2012 Competitors:
Lindsay Steinriede (USA)
Kassia Meador (USA)
Jennifer Smith (USA)
Chelsea Williams (AUS)
Ophelie Ah-Kouen (REU)
Kelia Moniz (HAW)
Kaitlin Maguire (USA)
Justine Dupont (FRA)
Karina Abras (BRA)
Chloe Calmon (BRA)
Summer Romero (USA)
Kelly Nicely (USA)
Miku Uemura (HAW)
Yuko Shimajiri (JPN)
Amy Trujillo (USA)
Coline Menard (FRA)
Cristiana Pires (BRA)
Georgia Young (AUS)
Nava Young (AUS)
Michelle Van Kempen (ZAF)
Tara Hossack (ZAF)
Candice O’Donnell (GBR)
Emilie Libier (FRA)
Hiroka Yoshikawa (JPN)
Hatsumi Ui (JPN)
Crystal Dzigas (HAW)
Natalia Smith (HAW)
Atlanta Nascimento (BRA)
Karina Rozunko (USA)
Tory Gilkerson (USA)

Ling Chou (TPE) Wildcard
Xue Yuan (Chn) Wildcard
Darci Lui (CHN) Wildcard
Monica Guo (CHN) Wildcard
Chen Lin Niu (TPE) Wildcard

CITIC PACIFIC Shenzhou Peninsula Pro Competitors:
Amaro Matos (BRA)
Antoine Delpero (FRA)
Ben Skinner (GBR)
Cole Robbins (USA)
Damien Castera (FRA)
Duane Desoto (HAW)
Edouard Delpero (FRA)
Eduardo Bage (BRA)
Harley Ingleby (AUS)
Jared Neal (AUS)
Jefson Silva (BRA)
Justin Bing (ZAF)
Kai Sallas (HAW)
Ned Snow (HAW)
Phil Rajzman (BRA)
Rodrigo Sphaier (BRA)
Taylor Jensen (USA)
Timothee Creignou (FRA)
Tony Silvagni (USA)
Bradley Weare (ZAF)
Dylan Macleod (ZAF)
Justin Redman (AUS)
Dane Pioli (AUS)
Danilo Rodrigo (BRA)
Piccolo Clemente (PER)
Remi Arauzo (FRA)
Adam Griffiths (GBR)
Keegan Edwards (HAW)
Nelson III Ahina (HAW)
Shohei Akimoto (JPN)
Yuji Hata (JPN)
Steven Newton (USA)
Tommy Witt (USA)

Chen Dongming (Chn) Wildcard
Sam Bleakley (GBR) Wildcard
Tie Zhuang (CHN) Wildcard

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