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HUNTINGTON BEACH, California/USA (Friday, February 10, 2012) ?Santa Barbara native Lakey Peterson (USA), 17, has qualified for the ASP Women?s World Tour, placing the Californian?s name alongside the young international list of talent who are currently responsible for ushering women?s surfing to the next level. With the season opening Roxy Pro Gold Coast presented by Land Rover just weeks away from kickoff, the ASP caught up with Peterson to get her thoughts and expectations on her upcoming rookie year.

There has been a long break between ASP events for the girls, so what have you been up to in your down time? Well, I must say it has been really nice to be home for a minute, however, I did not give myself much down time. I have just been training in the gym a bunch, surfing everyday, and really strict about my diet. But it has been good to see my family and friends for sure.

What are you most looking forward to going into your rookie year on the Top 17? I am just really exited to have the chance to surf against all of the others girls. Yes, I obviously want to win and I am going to do everything I can to win, but I’m just looking at it as an amazing opportunity to improve my surfing.

What do you think is going to be the hardest thing about being a rookie this year? I think it is going to be hard to get use to all of the waves on tour. I have never surfed Bells, NZ, and Brazil, where all of the girls who have been on tour already have gotten to surf those waves which is always a good advantage.

Who do you think is going to turn heads, are there any darkhorses that might shake things up this year (aside from yourself)? Malia (Manuel) has been surfing really well this year, and she is definitely one to keep an eye out for!

Have you been to snapper before, what is your experience with the wave, what are you doing to prepare for the contest? I have been to snapper once about 2 years ago. I went out to surf and had to go to the hospital because some guy hit me and I had to get stitches. Haha so I’m hoping I will have a little bit better of an experience this time. But it is an amazing wave and I am just exited to surf it with only 1 other girl out!

Thanks again Lakey and best of luck on the Gold Coast…

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