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Nathan Yeomans (USA), 31, is looking to secure a spot among the ASP Top 34 entering the final PRIME rated events entering Hawaii.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California/USA (Monday, November 12, 2012) – Nathan Yeomans (USA), 31, has reached a status in surfing that most aspiring professionals can only dream of. A perennial top 50 standout, the San Clemente goofy-footer has earned the privilege to travel to the world’s best waves while competing alongside surfing’s elite names. Although Yeomans has lived the dream life, it doesn’t mean the journeyman hasn’t faced his own challenges along the way.

After battling the global qualifying circuit, Yeomans achieved his dream in 2009, qualifying for the elite ASP World Championship Tour, but the hard-working campaigner’s dream was cut short. Yeomans’ first crack on tour was during a season when the ASP WCT reduced its numbers from 45 to 34, and the goofy-footer found himself outside of the cutoff after the Billabong Pro Tahiti, eliminating his chances at a full season on the WCT. While his short season was a devastating blow, Yeomans took the results in stride, reassessing his priorities and his outlook on competition.

“Yeah, that sucked, but everything happens for a reason,” Yeomans said. “I might say it was a blessing in disguise and it actually made me really appreciate being able to do what I do. You can get pretty jaded traveling all the time and maybe not doing as well as you would like to in some of the events. When something gets taken away from you it makes you re-evaluate your life and I can say I’ve had the most fun this year being able to travel and surf in all these exotic locations.”

While revitalizing his requalification campaign, Yeomans faced a new stumbling block when he was dropped from his major sponsor, but his additional support team has provided overwhelming support over the course of the last season.

“It’s been really rad how much my other sponsors have helped me continue to get to the events. I want to thank them for their continued support and allowing me to live my dreams, Body Glove, Oakley, Cobian, Zico, Lost Surfboards, and OAM, you guys rule.”

Yeomans, currently No. 35 on the ASP World Ranking, is within striking distance of rejoining the ASP Top 34 for next season. A former finalist at the Volcom Pipe Pro and a standout at both Haleiwa and Sunset, Yeomans is proven in Hawaiian waters and enters the 2012 Vans Triple Crown more focused than ever.

“I’m super pumped on the challenge. Hawaii in general is a challenging wave and the conditions can change so much. Then you add the ‘CT guys competing in the events and also the Hawaiians that surf so well in their events. It’s really an honor to be a part of. It’s awesome to be able to compete ever there.

My goals are to finish strong in both events. I’ve had good results in both events in years past but never in the same year. That’s my goal, to put up solid results in both Haliewa and Sunset. I always look forward to heading over there and just really enjoying Hawaii. The place is awesome.”

While Yeomans has realigned his competitive focus, his personal life has taken a big shift. Nate and his wife recently had their first child and while Yeomans’ step into fatherhood has been a dramatic change, he hopes to join a tour that is consistently becoming more family friendly.

“Having a baby is so awesome. It’s a huge adjustment, but awesome. It’s tough leaving, but I feel I have more focus and drive. Being a dad is truly a blessing from God.

I would love for them to be able to come on tour eventually. The baby is a little too young to travel right now, but I definitely want them with me on future trips. It’s going to be a whole different experience though with the flights and time change, etc. Crying kids on the plane suck, and I used to just turn on my Bose headphones and block them out. Now I feel for the parents when I see them trying to calm there baby’s down. Hahaha. It’s got to be tough.”

Although Yeomans has gone through a series of changes since last qualifying for surfing’s elite stage, the hurdles and road blocks have made him a more focused, driven competitor and he’s hungrier than ever to earn a position among the ASP Top 34.

“I feel I’ve gained more focus through all that and realized that this opportunity can go away and I want to be able to someday look back and know I gave it my all. That mid-year cut was really weird, and at the time it kind of felt like it was some sort of attack. It was almost like people were rejoicing with the whole cut. I’m over it now, but it was tough for sure. I’m psyched to get back on tour and compete again with the world’s best. It really is the dream tour and it was so rad being in those events. I’m going to get back on tour and this time stay there.”

Watch Yeomans compete at the upcoming Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

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