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New stickers, new spice with Kai Otton.

New stickers, new spice with Kai Otton.

SYDNEY, New South Wales/Australia (Tuesday, February 14, 2012) – Kai Otton (AUS), 32, is entering his sixth season on the ASP Dream Tour and, for the time being, is the only Sydney-based surfer amongst the world’s elite. For a town that has spawned the likes of Tom Carroll, Barton Lynch, Damien Hardman, Mark Occhilupo, amongst others, their numbers amongst the world’s finest have dwindled at the top of the sport and their campaigners have been whittled down to one: Kai Otton. And if you’re going to put your ASP World Title hopes into someone, Kai is certainly a choice that will make an impact. The lanky goofy-footer has been exchanging blows with the world’s best surfers for the last few years and is as adept in the barrel as he is in the air. He’s recently changed his equipment and traded stickers on his board and the Manly/Tathra boy is reporting a new lease on life. Tracks Magazine recently caught up with the talented goofy-footer to pick his brain on sponsor switches, surfboards, the Australian Open of Surfing and being the only Sydney-sider in the elite ASP Top 34. This…is their story…

No! Really? What about? Nah, he?s dropped off… How about? No, he failed too. Kai Otton and I go silent, minds flipping through the Rolodex ASP World Tour surfers in our minds. Blank. It?s official; Kai Otton is the sole Sydney male surfer treading the boards on the world stage in 2012. And that?s a big deal.

Australia?s most populated (and popular) city has spawned numerous world champions ? not to mention a host of top tenners, who at for a very long time have terrorized the tour. Tom Carroll, Damien Hardman, Barton Lynch, Rob Bain, Mark Occhilupo all born and bread 20 clicks north and south of the city centre. There are six-world titles in that lot alone.

?That?s why we need events like the Australian Open at Manly?, he goes on to tell me. ?No way am I saying Manly is worthy of a World Tour event, but for a big six star QS ? it?s perfect!? While Kai points out that he was originally from the country town of Tarthra, he?s had…

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