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LOS ANGELES, California/USA (Monday, November 12, 2012) – Courtney Conlogue (USA), 20, has turned in to a leading force among the next generation of American surfing talent. Wrapping up her second season at 5 on the ASP Women’s WCT, Conlogue represented one of only two surfers flying the USA Flag to finish within the Top 5 on the ratings, the other being Slater. While the Orange County surfer is a fierce competitor, her youthful spark shines away from the contest scene and ESPN spent a casual day of fun waves and good food with Conlogue prior to Hurricane Sandy. This… is their story…

Courtney Conlogue freesurfing is a thing of beauty. She’s mastered categorical control down to the minutia and it’s something that her body won’t relinquish, even when her mind does. When she’s not focusing on scores, or time, or competitors — when she’s focused only on finding her next barrel — her surfing is even more perfect. It’s set to a score of laughter. Conlogue doesn’t bring heat strategy to her freesurfs. She relishes the energy of a friendly posse. She has no intention of outshining its other members — even encourages them to take some of the good ones. But she is honed and naturally gifted, so she does outshine them. She is brilliant.

About 40 minutes from Mikey DeTemple’s Brooklyn apartment, SMASH NYC’s Tyler Breuer texted me: “Good morning! Heard coming to NY to surf today!” I responded in the affirmative. Conlogue and her manager, Tony Lee, are taking a little vacay in the Apple.

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