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HUNTINGTON BEACH, California/USA (Tuesday, April 17, 2012) ? Brett Simpson (USA), 26, is currently amidst his third year among the world?s best surfers and is continually adding priceless knowledge while competing event-after-event on the ASP World Championship Tour. After a tough equal 25th place finish at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, Simpson rebounded at Bells, finishing equal 9th in a hard-fought Round 5 clash against Kai Otton (AUS), 32. The ASP recently caught up with Simpo to get his thoughts on the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, what he?s doing on his short break and how he?s gearing up for the upcoming Billabong Rio Pro in Brazil. This? is his story?

Out of all of the events on tour this year, Bells seems like it can be one of the toughest waves for surfers to get comfortable in, what are your thoughts/experiences with the wave, especially the bowl? Bells is definitely one of the harder waves to surf in my mind on tour. It?s a semi-difficult wave to really let loose, so you have to ground yourself with the basics and just do what the wave offers! I think that is what Mick and Parko do so well out there and that?s where they find their success.

You also seemed to be finding your feet out there this year, do you feel like you’re entering a more comfortable level on tour? The difference was that I spent a week before hand working out there to really try and find the secrets of the place and how to ride it! Also, the waves were great too so it allowed me to really make some head way and I definitely felt like I made a few strides in the right direction.

Your heat loss against Kai Otton seemed like a tough one where there weren’t a ton of good waves for either of you to get the ball rolling, can you talk about the Round 5 heat? The tide was on its way in and the swell was on the decrease, so it?s not a good mix for a Bells heat but I just tried to stay busy and let my surfing try and get me over the top. Kai is a veteran competitor and I knew he was going to wait for the proper waves and do what he does. He capitalized late in a clutch situation only needing a 5.33, and I didn?t really surf up to par on my side and I was sent packing!

With the break between Bells and Brazil, what are you doing with your down time? Right now I have been enjoying some home time but the water has been freezing in California…It hasn?t been the most fun. I am heading down to Costa Rica with the Hurley crew for a week trip to get some waves and nail some lifestyle stuff out! I?m excited for that. It?s myself, Yadin (Nicol), Ace (Adrian Buchan), Miguel (Pupo) and Evan Valiere. It should be a lot of fun!

The upcoming Rio event is a big change from the Australian pointbreaks that start off the season, how does it change your mindset, going from a structured wave to a beachbreak when surfing an event? I grew up in beachbreaks so I feel that is one of my advantages. The length of waves shorten a bit and it comes down to fitting some quality maneuvers in shorter spaces, I feel like I have the quick twitch to make it happen!

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