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Evan Thompson (USA), 20, advanced through to the Semifinals of the DNA Energy Pro Junior in New Smyrna Beach today.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Florida/USA (Saturday, March 10, 2012) ? The ASP 1-Star DNA Energy Pro Junior presented by Western Atlantic Surf wrapped up the Quarterfinals in stormy two-to-four foot surf at New Smyrna Beach Florida and will crown a champion by tomorrow afternoon.

Stop No. 3 on the ASP North America Pro Junior Series, the second annual DNA Energy Pro Junior?s ASP 1-Star status offers an ideal platform for young talent looking to establish a seed on the highly competitive regional circuit.

Daniel Glenn (New Smyrna Beach, FL) was the standout Quarterfinalist today, notching both day?s highest single-wave score of 8.17 (out of 10) for committed backhand surfing while racking up the event?s highest heat-total of 15.84 (out of 20) at his local break.

?I knew where the waves were but I was nervous in my heat because I couldn?t hear any of the scores that I had and I thought I was in last place the whole time,? Glenn said. ?I just saw that good section on the one 8 and did what I had to do. This is my best result in a Pro Junior and I?ve only done a couple.?

Andrew Jacobson (Malibu, CA) stayed busy in the tricky onshore conditions and was rewarded for his committed maneuvers, taking the day?s second-highest heat total of 13.83 which included a 7-point ride for a single-maneuver air-reverse.

?I just paddled out thinking I was just going to get two 5s and get a couple right when I paddled out,? Jacobson said. ?Then I got a couple of more and it was a really fun heat. It was like I was free-surfing. These onshore conditions are fun and since I couldn?t hear anything, I was just pretending it wasn?t even a contest.?

Cory Howell (Melbourne, FL) was another Floridian to have a breakthrough performance at this year?s DNA Energy Pro Junior, notching his career-best result by advancing to the Semifinals and plans to go for broke on the final day of competition.

?This is the first contest where I?ve actually made heats in a Pro Junior, so I?m stoked,? Howell said. ?The tides are the same everyday, so the waves kind of do the same shift, but my plan is to do big things and go for more risk for reward on the final day.?

Upcoming DNA Energy Pro Junior Semifinals Heats:
Heat 1:
Evan Thompson (USA), Nathan Behl (USA), Kanoa Igarashi (USA), Chris Tucker (USA)
Heat 2: Andrew Jacobson (USA), Cory Howell (USA), Daniel Glenn (USA), Ryan Croteau (USA)

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