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2009 ASP World Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby (Emerald Beach, NSW) advanced into the final of the Australian Longboard Surfing Open today. Photo Credit Luke Sorensen

2009 ASP World Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby (Emerald Beach, NSW) advanced into the final of the Australian Longboard Surfing Open today. Photo Credit Luke Sorensen

KINGSCLIFF, NSW/Australia (Saturday, March 23, 2013) - 2009 ASP World Longboard Champion Harley Ingleby (Emerald Beach, NSW) has sent an ominous warning to his rivals in a dominant display in his ASP LQS Semifinal bout in the Australian Longboard Surfing Open at Kingscliff.

While the conditions were very challenging today with 2 foot (1 meter) of east swell and moderate onshore winds the sand-bank was still doing its thing, with running right handers offering high scoring potential to those who could find the right waves.

That is exactly what Ingleby did, scoring the highest heat total (16.34 out of a possible 20) and the highest wave score (8.67 out of a possible 10) of the day to easily take the heat win over Justin Redman (AUS), Ray Lawrence (AUS) and Jackson Close (AUS) finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

“I think it helped that I was just out there on my big 10 footer for the noserider heat and then getting back onto my normal board, it just felt so responsive,” said Ingleby.

And in a worrying sign for his rivals Ingleby feels like the best is yet to come. “I definitely feel like I am yet to peak in this event and I’m really looking forward to the final!”

In a mouth watering match up; Ingleby is set to go up against reigning 2-time ASP World Longboard Champion and defending Australian Longboard Surfing Open event champion Taylor Jensen (USA) in a four man final after Jensen cruised through his Semifinal.

“It’s great to get the chance to defend my title,” Jensen said. “I’m not putting any pressure on myself but the bank’s there and there is definitely potential for good waves if the wind backs off so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Justin Redman (Yullingup, WA) and Jared Neal (Coffs Harbour, NSW) have also qualified for the final on Sunday.

In the women’s division Perth surfer Georgia Young (AUS) continued her good run of form posting three solid scores to advance through to tomorrow’s Final.

“I surf a lot of onshore conditions over in Perth so I felt pretty comfortable out there,” Young said “It was so important to get the longer ones to link up a few OK manoeuvres as opposed to one big one because it was so bumpy. The pressure is really gone now, I’ve never made the final here at Kingscliff and now that I have I’m just going to enjoy myself!”

Dangerous Hawaiian surfer Crystal Dzigas also made it through to the final in second position behind Young.

Veteran Ballina surfer and No. 17 in the world, Melissa Combo has also qualified for the final in a tightly contested Semifinal heat.

“I didn’t feel too comfortable but the good thing is that there are actually waves out there,” said Combo. “The wind is just making it a lot trickier. In these conditions anybody can take out that final so I’m looking forward to it.”

Tomorrow will see the conclusion of the Open with finals for all divisions.

For more information visit www.australianlongboardopen.com

HEAT 1- 1ST Harley Ingleby 13.53, 2nd Dane Pioli 12.34, 3rd Chey Morley 9.26, 4th Mark McNamara 7.70
HEAT 2-1ST Tony Silvagni 14.77, 2nd Lawrence Harkness 12.97, 3rd Nicholas Farago 10.84, 4th Jared Neal 9.17

HEAT 1- 1ST Georgia Young 13.76, 2nd Crystal Dzigas 9.20, 3rd Rosie Locke 7.40, 4th Samantha Suendermann 6.66
HEAT 2-1ST Melissa Combo 11.17, 2nd Alice Melissa Limoi 9.93, 3rd Erin Dark 9.43, 4th Fernanda Daichtman 6.27

HEAT 1- 1ST Taylor Jensen 14.27, 2nd Jared Neal 13.13, 3rd Shohei Akimoto 12.66, 4th Thomas Kibblewhite 10.83
HEAT 2-1ST Harley Ingleby 16.34, 2nd Justin Redman 10.94, 3rd Ray Lawrence 9.74, 4th Jackson Close 9.06

HEAT 1- 1ST Ben Johnson 12.06, 2nd Joel Tilley 11.00, 3rd Scotty Chapman 9.17, 4th Damien Farago 8.00, 5th Neal Snelling 3.73
HEAT 2-1ST Josh Munro 11.67, 2nd Jordan Griffin 10.73, 3rd Tony Rae 9.93, 4th Mike Wilman 8.10, 5th Matheus Santos 6.27, 6th Anthony McCulloch 5.27

HEAT 1-1ST Ray Gleave 13.37, 2nd Storm Carter 7.80, 3rd Gary Burden 7.57, 4th Albie Curtis 6.30, 5th Warwick Clarke 1.93
HEAT 2-1ST Mick Gett 8.70, 2nd Ian Pearson 8.20, 3rd David Storck 6.70, 4th Robin Yates 6.43, 5th Kerry Gill 5.10

1st Jordan Griffin 12.60, 2nd Taj Prasad 8.77, 3rd Joel Skinner 7.37, 4th Jake Almeida 5.84

1st Kingscliff Boardriders, 2nd Burleigh, 3rd Super 8s GC Malibu Club

HEAT 1- 1ST Matt Aldridge 13.50, 2nd Nicholas Farago 10.07, 3rd Tony Rae 6.63
HEAT 2-1ST Luke Layory 12.83, 2nd Josh Munro, 3rd Andrew Grantham 2.17, 4th Ben Johnson 0.00

The Australian Longboard Surfing Open the 2013 event will be staged from 20th – 24th March at Kingscliff NSW Australia. It is set to take Australian Longboard Surfing to a new level of fun and entertainment with ASP LQS Man’s & Woman’s divisions, a noserider event, SUP Surfing & Racing and amateur surfing divisions. On the land there will be a music festival, lifestyle market stalls, art, cooking demonstrations and movies.

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The 2013 Australian Longboard Surfing open is proudly supported by the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW, through the Regional Flagship Events Program.

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