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CAPBRETON, France (Tuesday, February 19, 2013) - Former ASP European Champion and 2012 fourth place finisher Romain Cloitre suffered an injury in Hawaii late last year that forced him to pull out of the last event of the season. A couple of months later, Romain is ready to hit the competition vest again and talks about making his way back out the lineup.

Hey Romain, tell us what happened in Hawaii last year?

I was in my first heat at Haleiwa. On my second wave I took off a little late and tried to do a re-entry but when I landed the lip arrived at the same time as me. I knew straight away I was injured! I came back to the beach, there was 15min remaining in the heat and I won it with my first two waves, that was the funny part! I sprained my medial collateral ligament but nothing too serious.

You did have to come home to France though, how did you get treated?

When I knew I couldn’t surf anymore I changed my flight to go back to France to do the exams and start my rehab. I went to the CERS at Capbreton (big sport center for all European athletes). I spent two weeks before Christmas then went home to Reunion Island for three weeks and I came back two weeks at the CERS again

I’ve never been to this center before and I had a good time there with all the athletes. All the rugby players, footballers, almost a hundred people at the same time. The rehab was from 8:30am to 5pm, all day training, physio, swimming pool, Monday to Friday!

Have you surfed again yet?
It’s been two and a half months since my injury. I arrived in Australia a few days ago and started surfing again! I just surfed relaxed and easy! I can’t surf 100 percent, but I’m stoked to be back in the water and have fun with my friends! I’m staying at Brent Dorrington’s house on the Gold Coast between the comp and it’s always fun to be in Australia!

I’m sure it was hard to stay out of the water this long, how did you keep sane?
I thought it would be worse but actually it was good. I think I take it positive because I just missed the last two events and I didn’t miss the big part of the season. I had a good support at home with all my friends and family so it was nice. I was just doing a lot of other sports everyday and that’s how I didn’t go crazy!

What’s coming up for you now?
Newcastle is starting now then Margaret River in a few weeks! I’m staying in Australia for a month and a half just training here

For more information on Romain, check out his profile on aspeurope.com ! Romain Cloitre is competing at the Newcastle Surfest from February 18-24, 2013 in Newcastle, Australia.

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