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BARRA DA TIJUCA, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (Wednesday, May 8, 2013) - Jordy Smith (ZAF), 25, appears to have entered his sixth year on the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) more focused and fit than ever. Following an explosive performance at Bells, Smith’s brings his veteran experience to South America to this year’s Billabong Rio Pro. Just prior to kickoff of the event waiting period, STAB Magazine caught up with the South African talent to get his thoughts on surf culture in one of the world’s most iconic cities. This… is their story…

Stab: Describe the contest venue.

Jordy: The main site, Barra Da Tijuca, sits between two little islands. It breaks out the back, comes in like a wedge and you can go left or right. Sometimes it barrels, most of the time you can fit in a solid turn outside, then there’s an air section. The backup spot, Arpoador, is a really soft left. You have to catch it off this rock and it breaks out to sea. It’s soft, so you can’t really bash the lips that hard. Then the wave dumps on the inside. You have the chance for a last floater or hit. The floaters are sketchy. Eighty percent of the time you don’t make them because the wave goes super weird when it closes out.

What’s the main site remind you of?
It definitely has a Durban vibe to it, but the waves run in Durban, and this wave doesn’t run. It sucks up real hollow, so you have to bash straight away and do an air or something, or you can get a little barrel and then a floater. There’s no real carves going down. It doesn’t break very far out, either. It’s really close to the beach. Arpoador reminds me of Long Beach in Cape Town.

What’s good in Rio? Each time I go there I have a very different experience. Last year we scored good waves. This year I think will be different again. The waves obviously play a big part and I think the surf will be super fun. I’ve also got good boards, which I’m frothing on, actually. My equipment is so dialled for the Rio leg. I’ve never had that anywhere near to this extent before.

For the full interview with Jordy Smith log on to STAB Magazine.

Watch Jordy Smith take on Kai Otton and Adam Melling in Heat Heat 10 Round 1 of the Billabong Rio Pro.

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