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LOS ANGELES, California/USA (Tuesday, February 19, 2013) - Matt Wilkinson (AUS), 24, is one of the most unique personalities the ASP WCT has ever seen. From rollerblade entrances, Wilko consistently embodies a fun-loving attitude that keeps competition fresh and surfing a unique sport. In addition to his shows out of the water, the Aussie-goofy footer is without question one of the most technically sound, progressive surfers on the planet and with the 2013 ASP WCT just around the corner, Wilko’s freshening up his skills in preparation for the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. ESPN.com caught up with Wilko to talk about everything from his air game to success in Santa Cruz to his goals for 2013. This… is their story…

We imagine you’re working on some fun, futuristic airs there that we hope you uncap this season. Any clues as to what that might be?

P-Pass is not great for airs. I’m just trying to tune up my backhand tube riding. But over the (Southern Hemi) summer there have been some fun air sessions.

Not spilling the beans, huh? You’re certainly considered one of the guys pushing aerial surfing right now. Seems like height with style have been worked out across the board. What’s the next frontier in the technical realm?

There have been a lot of new grabs being thrown in the mix and to mesh them well with rotations is what everyone has been mastering.

You won the Coldwater Classic when it was a Prime and made the finals when it was a World Tour event? What is it about Steamer Lane?

I feel like I have a strong backhand and that is a tricky wave up there. I grew up surfing a bunch of different right hand points so I just think I adapt to waves like that fairly easily.

You have a thing for Santa Cruz hippie chicks too?

(Hearty laugh) Nah! I’m not really into the whole underarm hair, incense-burning chicks to be honest. (laughs.)

We were big fans of the custom Rip Curl wetsuit graphics. It seems like the more heats you make, the more creative the design?
Yeah, I love having fun with the suits! I’m stoked Rip Curl backed me on that. It seems like the fans like it too, so as long as I have ideas coming in, I’ll keep the suits coming out.

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