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Sally Fitzgibbons Scores Massive and Mick Fanning Wins Through Late At The Breaka Burleigh Pro :: Pro Surfing News

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Sally Fizgibbons (AUS), today's top performer. Pic ASP/Will H-S

Sally Fizgibbons (AUS), today’s top performer. Pic ASP/Will H-S

Burleigh Heads/Australia: Friday February 7 2013: Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) called on her recent progressive training to post the highest combined two-wave total of the Breaka Burleigh Pro to date to impressively win her Round Of 12 heat and advance to tomorrow’s quarter finals.

“It’s a really nice way to start the morning; I had a few waves in a warm up session early so I was pretty confident that we would get plenty of opportunity for high scoring waves,” said Fitzgibbons.

After posting a 9.0 (out of a possible 10), Fitzgibbons then followed with a near-perfect combination of scores  - a 9.57 and 9.27. 
“In the off season I did try to think of ways to work on progressive manoeuvres, and we did play around in a wave pool and a bunch of different locations that would provide the suitable sections. I think it’s all come together nicely and it’s definitely a work-in-progress, but right now I feel on edge and ready for the season ahead,” Fitzgibbons continued.

In heat three of the round, Tyler Wright (AUS) posted the highest single-wave score of the event – a 9.67 (out of a possible of 10).
“I’m feeling pretty happy, the conditions are pumping out there and you’re only surfing with three girls, it’s just sick,” enthused Wright.

“Last year was a massive learning year for me, I think I’m ready; I’ve learned a lot and my goal this year is to become the world champion, but I know I’ve got tough competition with Steph [Gilmore], Sally [Fitzgibbons] and all the other girls have just been ripping as well – It’s going to be a hard year,” Wright continued.

The Sunshine Coast’s Dimity Stoyle was also happy with her progression into the quarter finals. She will paddle out against Sally Fitzgibbons in the Second Quarterfinal tomorrow.

“It’s the finals tomorrow, so I’m just going to do the same things I have been doing to prepare. I’ve just been loving surfing lately and I’m just happy I’m in Queensland – my home state – in a 6-Star event, so I’m just excited to surf,” said Stoyle.

In the much anticipated men’s Round Of 32 clash, Mick Fanning (Aus) took a dramatic, last-minute victory after posting an 8.6 and a 5.83 in the final stages of the heat, besting Adam Melling (Aus), Matt Banting (Aus) and Caio Ibelli (Bra) respectively.
“That was a tough way to get through” said a relieved Mick Fanning after the heat.

“I just could not find the right wave for the entire first part of the heat and then finally in the last minute I found one – it’s a pressure situation but that’s good for me mentally – I’m here to sharpen up and enjoy the waves so it’s all good.”

Owen Wright dominated his heat from start-to-finish to easily win through and others to impress in the Men’s Round of 32 were not surprisingly local Gold Coast surfers.

Bede Durbidge, Thomas Woods, Brent Dorrington and Mitch Crews all won their heats and made for five of the eight Men’s Round Of 32 heats going to Gold Coast surfers.

The event resumes at 8:00am tomorrow morning and runs through to approximately 4pm with the finals set for Saturday (Women’s) and Sunday (Men’s). http://breakaburleighsurfpro.com.au

Breaka Burleigh Pro Men’s Round 5 – Round of 32
Heat 1: Bede Durbidge (Aus) 12.50, Jack Duggan (Aus) 12.10, Kieren Perrow (Aus) 11.50, Jay Thompson (Aus) 10.50
Heat 2: Ricardo Christie (NZ) 14.87, Marco Fernandez (Bra) 14.24, Lincoln Taylor (Aus) 12.90, John Cummings (Aus) 10.96
Heat 3: Mitch Crews (Aus) 17.73, Ryan Callinan (Aus) 16.37, Santiago Muniz (Arg) 12.34, Maxime Huscenot (Fra) 11.44
Heat 4: Mick Fanning (Aus) 14.43, Adam Melling (Aus) 14.43, Matt Banting (Aus) 13.73, Caio Ibelli (Bra) 12.63
Heat 5: Owen Wright (Aus) 17.00, Davey Cathels (Aus) 14.70, Billy Stairmand (NZ) 11.47, Joan Duru (Fra) 6.20
Heat 6: Brent Dorrington (Aus) 16.30, Frederico Morais (Prt) 13.93, Daniel Ross (Aus) 13.26, Nick Vasicek (Aus) 13.16
Heat 7: Thomas Woods (Aus) 14.96, Cooper Chapman (Aus) 13.13, Stu Kennedy (Aus) 12.40, Matt Wilkinson (Aus) 7.66
Heat 8: Alejo Muniz (Bra) 17.83, Dion Atkinson (Aus) 14.77, Corey Ziems 9.67, Chris Friend (Aus) 8.70

Breaka Burleigh Pro Women’s Round 4 – Round of 12
Heat 1: Sarah Baum (Zaf) 18.17, Dimity Stoyle (Aus) 17.33, Felicity Palmateer (Aus) 9.07      
Heat 2: Sally Fitzgibbons (Aus) 18.84, Malia Manuel (Haw) 14.50, Naomi Stevic (Aus) 11.60
Heat 3: Tyler Wright (Aus) 17.67, Courtney Conlogue (USA) 15.87, Rosanne Hodge (Zaf) 10.74
Heat 4: Alessa Quizon (Haw) 15.43, Laura Enever (Aus) 12.40, Philippa Anderson (Aus) 12.37

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