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South Carolina's Cam Richards, 17, will compete in both the Vans Pro and Vans Pro Junior when competition resumes.

South Carolina’s Cam Richards, 17, will compete in both the Vans Pro and Vans Pro Junior when competition resumes.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (Friday, August 23, 2013) – A second consecutive lay day has been called for the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 4-Star Vans Pro and Vans Pro Junior with flat surf continuing at 1st Street Jetty in Virginia Beach.

The Vans Pro and Vans Pro Junior have narrowed their respective fields down to the Round of 32 and with a new swell expected to fill in later today, competition is likely to recommence tomorrow.

“We’ve got flat surf here again this morning and have called competition off for today,” Brian Robbins, ASP North America Tour Manager said. “Our new swell is expected to begin showing signs of life later in the day today and we’re planning on returning to competition tomorrow.”

Event organizers at the Vans Pro and Vans Pro Junior will reconvene tomorrow morning at 7:15am local time for a possible 8am start to competition. The event holds a waiting period from August 19 through 25 and is webcast LIVE via www.vans.com/ecsc.

For additional ASP information log on to www.aspworldtour.com or www.aspnorthamerica.org.

Heat 1:
Parker Coffin (USA), Ian Gouveia (BRA), Kaito Ohashi (JPN), Hiroto Ohhara (JPN)
Heat 2: Michael Powell (USA), Kanoa Igarashi (USA), Ben Bourgeois (USA), Patrick Gudauskas (USA)
Heat 3: Gabe Kling (USA), Matt Pagan (USA), Chris Foster (HAW), Jonah Carter (USA)
Heat 4: Phillip Goold (USA), Ryan Briggs (USA), Nathaniel Curran (USA), Tanner Gudauskas (USA)
Heat 5: Brian Toth (PRI), Italo Ferreira (BRA), Deivid Silva (BRA), Evan Thompson (USA)
Heat 6: Brad Ettinger (USA), Chris Waring (USA), Carlos Munoz (CRI), Cory Arrambide (USA)
Heat 7: Evan Geiselman (USA), Aaron Cormican (USA), Cody Thompson (USA), Cam Richards (USA)
Heat 8: Wesley Santos (BRA), Joshua Moniz (HAW), Rafael Teixeira (BRA), Keanu Asing (HAW)

Heat 1:
Keanu Asing (HAW), Isaiah Moniz (HAW), Hiroto Ohhara (JPN), Kevin Schulz (USA)
Heat 2: Seth Moniz (HAW), Jake Marshall (USA), Noah Schweizer (USA), Cam Richards (USA)
Heat 3: Rafael Teixeira (BRA), Keala Naihe (HAW), Daniel Glenn (USA), Tyler Gunter (USA)
Heat 4: Colin Moran (USA), Jake Maguire (USA), Koa Smith (HAW), Trevor Thornton (USA)
Heat 5: Luke Marks (USA), Dylan Kowalski (HAW), Arashi Kato (JPN), Josh Moniz (HAW)
Heat 6: Kaimana Jaquias (HAW), Scott Weinhardt (USA), Derek Peters (USA), Jake Halstead (USA)
Heat 7: Miguel Tudela (PER), Carlos Munoz (CRI), Kalani David (HAW), Breyden Taylor (USA)
Heat 8: Colt Ward (USA), Jake Kelley (USA), Kaito Keno (USA), Noe Mar McGonagle (CRI)

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