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Jinzun Harbor during last year's Taiwan Open of Surfing. Pic ASC/Hain

Jinzun Harbor during last year’s Taiwan Open of Surfing. Pic ASC/Hain

COOLANGATTA, QLD/Australia (Tuesday, August 27, 2013) – The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) have partnered with the Taitung County Government (TCG) to bring an ASP 1-Star rated event to this year’s Taiwan Open of Surfing that will run from 15 – 17 November. Taitung is home to a cluster of world-class waves and the 2013 Taiwan Open of Surfing is set to showcase the wave quality and the growing surf culture that the county has to offer.

Dane Jordan, ASP Australasia General Manager is thrilled to see the ASP continue to expand throughout Asia and showcase surfing in Taitung at this year’s Taiwan Open of Surfing hosted by TCG.

“Taiwan is right in-between China, the Philippines and Japan and it’s a little known fact that it’s home to some incredible surf,” Jordan said. “Where there is surf, there’s surfers and the local surfing community is growing so it’s really exciting to bring an ASP event into a new country for the first time. Additionally we are excited to be working with the Asian Surfing Championships (ASC) on this event by co-sanctioning it as part of the ASC Tour which is a great step for the further development of surfing in the greater Asian region.”

Taitung County Governor Justin Huang is a strong supporter of the local surfing community and is looking forward to once again showing the world the wave quality and surf culture in his home town.

“The Taitung County Government is proud to be a partner in bringing this global event. Last year’s event was very successful and this year, we also welcome everybody to come and take part in this annual event. Taitung is rich in natural resources and aboriginal cultures. I would like to invite you all to experience the charm of Taituing. You are sure to have a great time.” said Taitung County Governor Justin Huang.

Kuo Heng-Liang (TPE) will be leading the charge of local surfers at the up-and-coming Taiwan Open of Surfing hosted by TCG, and is looking forward to being a part of the first ASP event in Taiwan.

“It’s a great chance for both Taiwan and the international surfers,” said Kuo. “For sure a lot more surfers are going to know Taiwan is a great surfing destination, and for us locals to have a chance to compete with and to learn from international pro surfers is definitely exciting for us.”

Raditya Rondi, 2012 ASC and ISC Open Champion from Kuta, Bali is looking forward to returning to the Taiwan Open of Surfing to defend the event title.

“I’m really looking forward to going back to Taiwan again,” said Rondi.  “I love that wave, as it gives you both a right and a left to choose from. Last year was the first time I’d ever been to Taiwan, so to win that contest the first time out was a great experience for me. The place, the people, and even the weather I liked, so I’m stoked we get to go back. I’ll have to really be on my game though, as I know there will be a lot more good surfers there now that it’s a 1-Star ASP event. But I’m excited about competing with those guys and hope I can win it again.”

Nic Jones (Sunshine Coast, QLD/AUS). who competes on both longboards and shortboards, attended last year’s Taiwan Open of Surfing and is looking forward to returning this year to compete in both divisions.

“I went to the Taiwan Open of Surfing last year and it was great,” said Jones. “I think it’s awesome that they’re adding an ASP 1-Star World Tour division this year. It will be great for the local surfers to see the international guys and it will also help them to improve. The wave is super fun, it’s a reefy beachbreak, A-frame that’s a lot like Trestles and it’s got a lot of potential. I’ll be going there this year on the way to China for the ASP world Longboard Championships and I’ll compete in the longboard and the ASP 1-Star divisions, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Tipi Jabrik, President Director of the ASC in Bali has been on the forefront of developing professional surfing throughout Asia and is proud of this historic partnership between the ASP and ASC.

“This is a big milestone for Asian surfing, and especially for us at the ASC, to have our first co-sanctioned event with the ASP,” said Jabrik. “We’ve been working hard since 2004, first just in Indonesia as the ISC, and now the last three years as the ASC around the Asian region, so it’s really exciting to be partnering up with the ASP in this event, which will be the first of many to come in the future. We first came to Taiwan two years ago, and this will be our third time working with Governor Justin Huang to grow the sport of surfing here in Taitung County. We’re sincerely thankful for Governer Huang’s vision and dedication, and to the ASP for helping to take Asian surfing up to the next level with us.”

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